Still here…

I’m still around, and doing well. Weight is around 178. I’m entering it into “Weight Bot” a cool iPhone tracking app.  I’ve started to add more volume to my workouts, in the form of some low-intensity cardio and a second set of strength training exercises.  I’m not sure where that will go, it’s an experiment.  Eating has been mostly on track. I’m eating much more in terms of vegetables now, but also more “cheat” meals.  That’s a wiggle word isn’t it? I’ll rephrase- I’ve had more frequent high-calorie indulgences, like pizza and BBQ than when I was trying to shed 50 pounds. For the most part, I can handle these without weight gain. Consistency with exercise seems to help with that. But mainly, not going on tilt after a single big meal. It’s important to get back to sensible eating right away.

I’m going to get back to regular posting. For some reason I get a fair number of visitors per day even when not writing, so it will be motivating to record what I’m doing and the results.  As you know, the “six pack” didn’t happen by January ’09.  I can see the top row of abdominal muscles, and when I was at my leanest (173 pounds) I could see a “four pack” with flexion.  I did get to a normal weight and a 32″ waist, and I’m happy with that. I’m trying to put on a little muscle and build up a track record of consistent exercise before I try to shed down visible abs.


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