Sunday Oct 26th Progress Update

Bodyweight today is 185.6 lbs.

Resistance exercise is on track, not seeing magnificent strength increases at this point, not that I expect them on a reduced calorie eating plan.  This week is the 6th formal week I have been focusing on strength training.  After this week, I will change the exercises up for the next 6 weeks.

Pedometer update: It looks like I am fairly active during my workdays, with between 8000-11000 steps per day. I tried not to do anything extra while getting this baseline.  If I’m not working it looks like I am around 2500-3000 steps, typical for a sedentary person.  I’m happy that I’m fairly active at work.  I need to add some activity to my schedule, especially on weekends. It’s getting too cold and dark to walk outside at night here. I’ll think about this during the week while I collect more data.

Calories are at 1500-1600 a day, without much cheating. Progress is rapid, and I like the results. I have been focusing more on healthy eating, as defined by Walter Willet’s Healthy Eating Pyramid. So, I have been eating rolled oatmeal with almonds, ground flaxseed and raisins for my daily breakfast, and making the egg meal 1-2 times per week. Calories the same. Switched to the dry and grainy, but still tasty Ezekiel bread for lunch, to vary my whole grain intake. More cooking quick low-calorie meals at night (rather than frozen) to minimize sodium and increase vegetable intake. I am 5-a-day minimum now, usually more.

I’ll do a write up on this soon to detail what it all looks like, a Winter Program to replace the Fall.

If you are visiting regularly, leave some comments. I’m getting a fair number of page views now, and if you are doing something similar, I would love to read your blog or hear your ideas.


2 Responses to Sunday Oct 26th Progress Update

  1. motivatedme says:

    Hey slowfit! Thanks for leaving me my very first comment. I’m pretty new to this blogging thing 🙂 it looks like you are further along with your dieting, great work! Thanks for blogging it keeps us all motivated to live healthier more active lives! I’ll be checking back for inspiration and ideas.


    I just came across your blog after searching for Darden’s diet methodology. I’m curious to know how your progress is, 5 years later.

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