Slowfit Progress Update for Sun Oct 19

Weight today 190.0 lbs., waist measurement 31″ relaxed, 30″ with abdominals drawn in.

I’ve been experimenting with my Digiwalker SW-200 pedometer, one of the best pedometers for accurately counting steps. I’ll have more on that when I have used it for a while longer.

If you are following my diet, it still looks about the same.  Breakfast: oatmeal, 2 omega three eggs, applesauce, skim milk in coffee.  Lunch: 2 slices whole wheat bread, 3.5 oz. turkey breast, 1 oz. light Swiss, mustard (alternatively 3 oz. light tuna in water, 1 T low calorie canola mayo, 1 T relish as the filling), Snack: 2 pieces low fat string cheese, 1 apple or pear. Dinner: 400 calories, often a frozen entree, or whole wheat pasta or cous cous with chicken, and now always about 2 cups of frozen vegetables along with dinnertime.  Desert is an orange or other fruit, if I’m hungry.  Around 1500-1600 calories still.  Not major hunger, feel good, look great.  Somewhere around 180-185 lbs. I will be re-evaluating everything, probably going up on calories, adding in some nuts.


One Response to Slowfit Progress Update for Sun Oct 19

  1. Dr Dan says:

    Thats awesome your doing really well!!!

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