Some visitors end up here by searching for the Italian fitness fad Slowfit.  Sorry about that. When I came up with the name for this blog I didn’t know it existed.  Like the fitness company from Italy, I was inspired by the Slow Movement.  If you don’t know about Slow Food yet, it started as a reaction to a McDonald’s hamburger restaurant opening in Rome.  There is no central body governing the Slow Movement, and no really clear definition of what it’s all about.  The movement seems to center around a return to traditional values in areas like food production, cooking, and food consumption. It’s tied in with the popular locavore and organic movements often talked about today. That seems like a good thing, and the quality of restaurants I have eaten in that subscribe to the Slow Food philosophy has been high.

What about Slowfit?  Slow Fitness, to me, means not following fads and trends, but making instead incremental improvements, encouraging safe and productive physical activity, focusing on what is achievable and sustainable in terms of fitness and exercise.  What I don’t care for about the Italian movement, also known as the Fausto di Giulio method, is that it appears to be yet another marketing based fitness method. This time focusing on a stuffed triangle that the exerciser sits or lies on while performing movements.  It’s like the physio-ball or yoga ball idea, but with a triangle instead of a circle under you.  I’m not sure how that relates to slowing down, moving back to basics or back to traditional patterns of exercise and movement.

So, if you have arrived here looking for the Italian Slowfit site, you will be dissapointed in the lack of photos of pretty models stretching and moving on triangle bean bags.  But, take a look around and you might find something helpful in the archives.  Take a minute to reflect on what Slow Fitness really might mean to you, before you move on to check out the name-branded method.


2 Responses to Slowfit

  1. Dr Dan says:

    Have you read the ‘omnivores dilemma’ or ‘in defense of food’ by michael pollen. I think you would really like it and fits well with your slow food philosophy. I ultimately am in total agreement with this philosophy and once I get over my carb addiction will slowly add in carbs that are not overly processed. I will be watching your blog with great anticipation of the results

  2. slowfit says:

    Doc, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t read them yet, but they are on my list! I understand about the carb addiction, don’t get me started on that! But that coconut milk dish on your site looked fantastic to me too, yum.

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