Physical Activity Guidelines 2008

The US Department of Health and Human Services has released government guidelines for physical activity.  Nothing groundbreaking. The recommendations for adults:

  • strength training 2 days per week, 8-12 reps for each major muscle group
  • aerobic activity: if moderate, 2.5 hours per week; if vigorous 1.25 hours per week

Moderate is basically going for a walk, something like the daily 30 minute after dinner walk Ellington Darden recommends in his fat loss books. Vigorous activity includes traditional cardio activities, like running, jogging, biking, but also karate and fast dancing.

I have been thinking more about getting a pedometer to wear all day and have some feedback as to my activity level. I walk and move a lot at work, but I rarely get out to exercise in the evenings, other than my strength training.  The best pedometers for me would be small and simple, I really only care about the number of steps I take each day.

More on the guidelines to follow.


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