10/5 Sunday

Weight today is 193.4 pounds for a BMI of 24.8, putting me finally into the normal category.  Even when I lost some weight in the past, I don’t think I got back to normal.  Workouts have been consistent and progressive for two weeks, and eating is on target.

I’m visiting relatives today, so I may have some extra intake, hopefully not too much.

What’s next?  I would like to get to 180-185 lbs. which was a very consistent weight for me in early adult life (high school and college), despite my extremely poor eating habits at the time.  That would put me at 23.1-23.8 for BMI and give me some wiggle room for ups and downs on the scale.  Shouldn’t take too long at this rate.  So, for now, I’m holding the course as far as diet and workouts.  After that I will make some decisions about hot to try to get to the “six pack” in the subtitle of the blog.


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