Why don’t French women get fat?

I was reading the fabulous and elegant Lissa over at Slenderizing and I noticed she has a link to Mireille Guiliano on her sidebar. If the name doesn’t wring a bell, she was popular a few years ago for a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat.  She recently retired from her position as CEO of the luxury brand Veuve Clicquot, and seems to now promote her books and Champagne to the world.

Even though I’m not French, nor am I woman, I like the idea of the book. It focuses on hedonism, getting pleasure from our food and drink, which I heartily approve. She does suggest writing things down, keeping some sort of record of what you eat for reflection later. Along with the usual stories, recipies, and other filler, she suggests smaller portions of real food, and paying attention to the taste and qualtity of our food to increase satisfaction.

She reminds me of some humorous advice I read on a blog recently, that you should always eat like you are on a first date. [If you wrote this, let me know, so I can give you due credit.] Not mounds of food, but good food in reasonable amounts, and not so much to drink that it crosses over from pleasant relaxation into drunkeness.


One Response to Why don’t French women get fat?

  1. Lissa says:

    “You should always eat like you are on a first date.”

    LOVE this advice. When I refresh the layout on Slenderizing, I may snag that for a sidebar quote — shell provide credit!

    Also, thanks for the compliment and the link back to my little blog. Hope your 6-pack efforts are going well.

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