Tuesday 7/29

Weight: 212.4

Breakfast – usual TJ’s instant oatmeal, 1/2 c strawbs, 2 omega 3 eggs, coffee, skim milk (1/2 cup maybe)

Snack – Balance Bar 200 cals (trying this out for a reason, not that I usually snack)

Lunch – 2 slices ww bread, 6 oz albacore tuna, 2 T light mayo

Large coffee with skim milk

Dinner – went out, large pasta and chicken breast dish…  a lot of calories here!

Exercise: none

Dinner was with a friend, a big calorie bomb, not the worst ever, no bread, drinks, apps, etc.  Trying not to do much of this, will definately do it Monday after the big work event. I am sure my weight will be up in the AM on the back of this, temporarily.


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