Methodology: Thoughts on low carb

So, why am I not doing low carb?  I think that LC works in a few ways. For some people, myself included, it makes them less hungry.  There has been no study showing a metabolic advantage, and none of the reasonable LC gurus think this.  By metabolic advantage, it is meant that one can loose weight at a higher calorie intake compared to someone who has a different diet composition. TANSTAAFL.  If LC makes you eat less calories, you win.  By getting rid of carbs, you take in a higher amount of protein and also fat.  More on that in another post.  You also avoid many calorie bombs.  If you LC, you can’t have soda, chips, crackers, candy, cake, pie, ice cream, bagels, big bowls of pasta.  Sure you can overeat chicken, steak, fish, nuts, oils, fruit, cheese, vegetables.  Many LC followers rely on high calorie and convenience foods.  It all comes down to modulating calorie intake versus energy expenditure.

Problems with LC: you end up with less variety.  Commonly, some sort of omelet or egg dish for breakfast.  Salad with meat for lunch, and meat and vegetables for dinner.  Nuts for a snack. Some might include cheese and fruit.  It gets to be the same every day, and when you go out or have a meal with family or friends, you choose between being a freak and blowing your diet.  LC followers get into the whole intermittent fasting thing, I think, because of how monotonous their diets get.  If I’m bored of eggs, I can have something else (a couple of waffles), they get bored and they just skip it. Not to mention that taking in come calories as grain starches is generally cheaper than taking the same amount in as meat.

I think the approach if done right is sound. It may be how we evolved to eat. But the foods we grew up on, evolutionarily speaking, no longer exist. I mean that the meats we have now are not free range. Despite what you might think by reading on the Internet, it isn’t easy to get grass fed meat for the average person.  Monotony is fine too, but I choose to live in society even if it’s not perfect.  If my approach is 80% healthy, I am satisfied, and I know I am doing more than most people.  By avoiding over nutrition (calorie poisoning), and making efforts not to eat high-carbohydrate junk food, I think I can have some of the benefits of LC without many of the limitations.

More of effects of macronutrient composition on body composition in a later post. The bodybuilder diet will have to be addressed too, along with meal frequency and protein intake.


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